Disconnecting from the Matrix.

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Disconnecting from the Matrix.

Post by BootsW on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:31 pm

Hello Folks!

Someone who I consider friend showed me one of her creations and it is AMAZING.  It is absolutely something you've seen before if you are Shaumbra but presented with such artistic integrity that you simply must see it for yourself.  I myself have only seen the primer and believe me when I say you HAVE TO read that page while playing the music... I mean you don't have to.. but you'll be sorry you didn't when you inevitably go back and do it in the future:).  This is one of the many reasons I created this forum so that people can discuss these things.  

Here is the link:


Now go to the index and start with the first lesson after you've read the 'about' and Enjoy the experience.  It IS an EXPERIENCE. sort of like a merabah o.O


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