A way to approach life: B.E.A.P.

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A way to approach life: B.E.A.P.

Post by BootsW on Sat Feb 27, 2016 2:57 pm

I put this on my phone and look at it when I need to ease into my 'divine moment'.  I don't know if it works but it does give me perspective and that is a success.

Breath- breath in to your biology from your divinity... this is the life affirming breath
Ease-   break it down, this should not be hard.. if it is you're probably efforting vs allowing
Awareness- be aware of every cell in your body start consciously at your toes and end up at the top of your head acknowledging/cherishing everything in between... now that you're done with your body be aware of what is around you... your environment.
Point of presence- get out of the future... stop thinking about tomorrow(there's a song in here I can hear it in my head) Get out of the past Yesterday's gone(there goes that song again)! look around you in the now and exist in "what is" not "what was" or "What will be".

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