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How to IRC

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:17 am

IRC is such an old technology that people have forgotten how to use it.  Here is how to do it:

*important: read through the instructions at least one time before you try anything*

1. Google IRC Study what you see. A good beginners guide can be found here:

2. Download IRC client or use a plugin for your browser. I use chatzilla for firefox.  Some folks use mcintosh computers so I would say to them there is a rather nice irc client out there called ircle(the homepage is: it can be found at the cnet download site:

3. Get onto freenode. If you're using chatzilla click on the blue hypertext link that says freenode in the chat window, or you could also type in the command line: /server for very simple irc clients.  If you don't want to download anything you can chat using the following webaddress:

4. Establish a nickname (if you register a nickname I can make you a moderator in shaumbra).  You can establish a nickname by typing "/NICK <YourNickname>" in the command line

5. type /join #shaumbra (or any other channel you might want)

This is how you register your nickname:

1. Pick a nickname, and connect. Make sure you have a nickname that you can remember the next time you log in. If you want to change it after you have connected already, type /nick YourNewNickname
2. Type /msg nickserv register YourPassword into the text box of the chat — including the slash at the beginning, and replace the password and email address with something you select.
3. Type /msg nickserv register YourNickName YourPassword

Every time you log in (after your initial registration) with your nickname later, you will have to issue the command: /msg nickserv identify YourPassword


if you don't log in with your nickname you can do it this way from any command line: /msg nickserv register YourNickName YourPassword

If you have any problems at all there are a bunch of volunteer tech geeks in a channel called freenode on the server freenode.  

To ask for help at any time you can type /join #freenode

If I'm online you can type /msg bootsw halp!!!

Have Fun chatting on IRC folks!!


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