Accepting things as they are...

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Accepting things as they are...

Post by BootsW on Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:37 am

My life has changed because of this lesson.

I had a few problems in my life where I felt anxiety or frustration at a situation that I battled with all my might for well over a decade and the situation stayed as it was. It is with this lesson that I was able to move on and start to enjoy my life again. I stepped back, looked at the situation, and decided to accept it as it was. I allowed it, because I knew I brought it into my life. When I looked at it from this vantage point I saw where this situation propelled me to where I am now. At this time instead of hating the situation I cherish it because it brought me to where I am today. This has not changed the situation but it sure stopped the bad energy in my self. Who knows with continued allowing and acceptance this situation might turn around. I'll keep you posted.

Diamonds are made in the forge of the deep earth, not in the fluffy clouds above:) This is why we are so great!! We have put ourselves in the forge of time and humanity. We are coming out of this as true gems in the reality of spirit. This situation that has caused me such pain in the past is definitely my forge and for that I am eternally grateful!!



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