I began at the beginning.. but not quite.

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I began at the beginning.. but not quite.

Post by BootsW on Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:29 pm

Having come to this party late:) In this life anyway!! I have begun listening/reading the New Earth and Creator series. I am now finished with those and now I embark on the Ascension series.  The journey for me has been sort of like a time warp because I have been keeping abreast with the effortless life series as well so while I'm making things in my bon bons I'm also breathing in my divinity.  Maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse but I can see from one gathering to the next I am in for some interesting learning.  I have yet to learn exactly what a merabe(sp?) is but I have certainly experienced it watching the effortless life.

I can say that I got the basics elsewhere and they were reinforced here, but to go to the beginning is essential if you really want to grow into your divinity.

I am now trying to understand this language of ah.  This internal communication between yourself and your divinity.  It is quite challenging.  I am not at an impasse but I am stuck because I don't have a bench mark to know I've attained this language. Do I move on?? I will of course move on because there is nothing else to do, but I will continue to work with this concept until it is mastered.

This language is your regular senses with some extra senses sprinkled on top.  good stuff;) not sure I got it really.. but .... movin on!

It is of course nothing I imagined an ascended being would have to do, but then I guess I never really knew what an ascended being was until I became one.  It was a shock to know just letting go of karma(both regular and ancestral stout flavors), your life up till now, and embarking on a new path ascended you.  No lightning bolts coming out my behind, no floating on a rug, no talking to crickets(although they say its possible)... just letting go and moving on and bam! you're ascended.  

There goes classic physics! The old law: energy can be neither created or destroyed.. just changed. the new way... if you just leave your issues at the door of divinity that creates a void where energy is created! Note: keep out of your mind!! if you try to intellectualize... well I guess you know the story already:)

All that has come before has been about allowing, letting go, ascending, and 'divining'.   I am dealing better with issues around me, seeing duality everywhere I go and recognizing it for what it is.  The lessons to the ascension series have been good for me.

I am now in the 'divine human series' and have just figured out what a 'shoud' is.  I had no idea.  I understood before when Tobias was saying he is giving us back what we give him, but I didn't know that 'shoud' was us talking to ourselves. I'm interested in going on to see what happens next.  Even if I stop now I have all the tools necessary to come into my enlightenment.  All lessons forward are just help for that purpose.

More tools for the tool bag! Ok so boils down to three basic things and a bit of understanding.  Whenever you're in a tough spot, you want to try to integrate all that you are again (I know I've been trying for ages it seems), or feeling real energy try to do these things:

1. breath... ok so not a shocker I guess That life affirming breath is very important.
2. Feel... feel the situation look at it from all possible angles see where the energy is and feel it.
3. Be in the moment.  Don't focus on the past, or the future just be in the moment with what you felt and stay there as long as you can.

Now all you have to do is understand that all things come to you and you don't have to chase after them.  Getting tired only gets you tired.. doesn't get you anywhere in your Quest to become embodied in your enlightenment. The less efforting you do the better:)

I am on the divine human series right now. Just finished number 6. I am going to take a break for a while and start living. Don't know when I'll be back to it but....

This is all I have now, updates to come!!


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