My first Live Shoud!!!

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My first Live Shoud!!!

Post by BootsW on Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:00 pm

Well folks this has been my first live Shoud and I must say outside of the unique 'enlightening' message it was pretty much the same as the other Shouds I watched in the Powerless life series. The constant message holds steady in pretty much all the Shouds: get OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!! and into your heart(there may be a song here), and of course: get out there and LIVE YOUR LIFE.

The big message: Get ready for the NEW.

I'm not sensing just a paradigm shift.. I'm sensing an utter demolishing of the current paradigm.

I don't want your thoughts.. maybe your intuition or your feelings.. but I think it would be getting in the way to get your thoughts:)




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